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by carodah



The story begins with a crash landing on a planet where the Alliance of Planets and the Territories are at war with each other. An army from a rogue planet with no name and an untrustworthy ally arrives and demands to leave the planet – the Alliance refuses and is forced to fight for its survival. An alien scout group, which was monitoring the planet, returns and tells the Alliance that an immense transformation is happening on the surface. Soldiers from the rogue planet who are there to create war are causing disasters with the planet. And a mysterious alien ship is hovering over the entire scene. The story is about a few surviving Alliance soldiers trying to find out what is happening on the planet, fight for their survival and uncover the secrets that would decide the fate of the universe. All of this is the result of a peculiar manipulation by the forces that are creating the chaos. During the battle the Alliance soldiers realise that they have to save their planet and their friends from the mysterious enemy in order to realise what is truly at stake here. The entire universe is at stake. Key Features: – Fast-paced cinematic story with real-time events, dozens of dialogues, interactive objects, dozens of endings and choices that change the story. – The game has dozens of minigames – UTM and Cash – as well as the usual inventory, system and puzzle elements. – Unique weapons, disguises and skills to help you face your battles. – Dozens of minigames with their own progression and challenge. – No loss of progress after the game is completed. – A special, optional, third part of the story. – An original, adventure-heavy soundtrack. – Detailed, painterly graphics and a very professional voice-over. – And loads more… About This Game: Forging A Classic is all about experiencing some of the best moments of the first part of the story of the game. This special DLC will take the first adventure hour by hour, adding new enemies, obstacles, bosses, puzzles, dialogues and much more. The story begins with an amazing vision of the future, where we see the ruins of an abandoned civilization. This is the first moment of the legend where we can find out who was the master of this image. In the ruins of this legend we can meet two old friends – who are the master of the legend and the creators of the game. But suddenly our old friends disappear from the ruins of their own legend… The


Unavowed Features Key:

  • Classic Shooter mechanics
  • Classic Start Menu and texture Presets
  • Classic level layout
  • Classic 2 Levels
  • Classic Hard and Normal difficulty


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Welcome to the world’s first vampire hunting expedition, where tomorrow’s number one team was started yesterday. It’s a big team, and they need more blood. Wanted by the vampires and hunted by the humans, the dream team needs blood to keep going. That’s where you come in. Care for a spot of blood sport? In Unavowed you play the role of new-coming reporter, Kat Robertson, who is given the chance to become a member of a vampire hunting expedition team. Once out there you’ll team up with others, and travel around the world as you uncover the reason why there is now a need for bloodhunters. Unavowed takes place in the year 2050, a place where science and magic exist side-by-side. Unavowed takes the role of the player, a character who will grow as you unravel more and more of the game’s compelling story. Unavowed boasts a very strong storyline, and looks absolutely stunning at every step of its development. It has some of the strongest voice-acting I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. It’s a game that had me completely engaged from beginning to end. About the developer To keep developing at this level, we need to have enough money in order to keep the servers up and running, and to make it possible to create new games, and new story-lines that are even more exciting. We are looking for sponsors in order to keep the development of story-lines like Unavowed and Age of Shadows on track. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our games, feel free to contact us at [email protected] About the SRS: The Story Room System (SRS) is a free virtual reading room for interactive narrative games. It is an educational tool designed to help you be a better story teller by providing you with an environment to help you craft your stories. About the SRS: The Story Room System (SRS) is a free virtual reading room for interactive narrative games. It is an educational tool designed to help you be a better story teller by providing you with an environment to help you craft your stories. About the SRS: The Story Room System (SRS) is a free virtual reading room for interactive narrative games. It is an educational tool designed to help you be a better story teller by providing you with an environment to help you craft your d41b202975


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ReviewsAt the very least, it would make sense for Edge to be a supplement to its sister magazines. In fact, it is anything but that, and it is only in very recent months that we have been treated to any kind of insight into the philosophy of this huge video game publication. Edge’s reputation would seem to demand better. Until very recently, however, it was all about « evolution » and nothing more. After all, evolution, in its Darwinian sense, is nothing but a hardening of the story line, a making-up of new territory and, eventually, a new breed of humans, who are known by their animal names, having gained a tail or two or three. You cannot expect anything more from an evolutionary journal, unless one is interested in writing about the rise and fall of dinosaurs or, I don’t know, a TV channel that brings you the lives of midget bunnies. What makes it all the worse is that Edge has managed to reach new heights with its « art » sections, but so far has shown little more than mediocre abilities to offer anything substantial in terms of video games. In its May issue, Edge published a piece by Geoff Keighley, director of Spike TV’s Video Games Live, who identified himself as « a big gamer and a big Edge fan. » This, for those unfamiliar with Edge, is one of those « career defining » pieces that people will still be talking about two years from now. It was nothing short of visionary. For the first time in Edge’s history, an actual editor, Martin Dunford, gave a little insight into what makes Edge tick. Along the way he attempted to give his readers a better understanding of Edge’s relation to the video game industry, rather than just a loose tongue-in-cheek account of his weekend exploits. I certainly hope it serves as a kind of guideline for the future. Without going into too much detail, Edge’s philosophy is basically that video games are a new art form and, therefore, it’s only natural that the media be as much in charge as possible. Edge firmly believes that all news coverage should be a page-one story and that most of it should be produced by just four people. Instead of there being a bottom-line demand, when a game has a reported sales success it is hailed as a « triumph ». One reads the article, is then subjected to a pre-interview, followed by a very short-lived show, a small box of samples and a book that,


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