16th Juin2022

Progmatic7fullindir !EXCLUSIVE!

by carodah

Progmatic7fullindir !EXCLUSIVE!



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I’m going to wait for the next………. be quiet you windows user…. and I don’t want to miss that event bcc: Another BIG shoutout to my REP, who set up the new page. I thought he was a great guy from day 1. But it’s been an long ride since we started 2008, and the ride is still going good! I owe him a BIG big thank you BIG for being there for me, like no other guy I’ve met. me, sev and lambert are in a small party, we are here to share the love and to spread the word. Get to know us, so you can be a true seeker you can join us….. The love that we are all living is a compassion, not a judgement The seeker feels the purpose of life is the love of the one who created the universe Haiti faces the worst drought in 100 years Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is looking at the worst drought in a century. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is looking at the worst drought in a century. Climate change could bring us days of drought as well as floods, and vulnerable people would be worst hit if countries do not act now, experts warned last night at the first meeting of the UN’s climate change conference, COP 21, in Paris. Amid an unusually strong El Nino and an unusually high sea surface temperature, the country is now struggling to cope with a natural disaster brought by manmade climate change. The UN’s climate change conference has been meeting to set out a plan to slow the warming of the world’s atmosphere. The National Meteorological Institute (IRSN) has only a 10 per cent chance of seeing rains by the end of the year, according to a warning in Tuesday’s Cop 21 Climate News. The drought – which began in October 2011, was triggered by a strong El Nino and remains today – as atmospheric rivers of water vapor from the tropics can hold as much as half a normal rainy season in a week. The conference is due to conclude on December 12, and while the US delegation wants a phase out of coal power, oil and gas production and wants the use of coal at least halved by 2030 by cutting its use in the electricity sector by 25 per cent, there is little sign that any 3e33713323


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