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Alchementalist is very early in development and as such, some features may change and images are not representative of the final product. Alchementalist is a procedurally generated rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Use the power of the elements to craft your own spells and create outrageous combinations of elemental effects, altering the very terrain itself! Delve deeper into the mines to find materials and grow into the most powerful character you can. Take on dangerous foes, learn about the secrets of the Ember-mages and challenge yourself to reach the deepest layers of the mines seeking the Ember-source itself. Explore the ancient ruins of the Ember-mage mines, searching for the fabled Ember-source. Fight dozens of unique enemies, each with their own crafted spells and tactics, requiring strategy and reflexes to defeat. Encounter more and more dangerous foes as you venture deeper into the mines in your quest to find the Ember-source. The multi-tiered mines are partially hand-crafted, partially procedurally generated, guaranteeing each run is unique and exciting! Find and mine elemental nodes by blasting them away with your magic. Each elemental node will provide different materials based on what spell type is used to destroy it, allowing you to pick and choose what materials you take away from each node. Use the materials you’ve gathered to craft multitudes of spell upgrades or even completely new spells! Tailor your magic to exactly how you like to play. Change the target of the spells, add splash damage, modify spell effects, even make spells change the very terrain itself, the possibilities are endless. Hidden deep within the secret lore of the wise, lie tales of an ancient order of mages. Theirs was a life lived in the depths of the earth and they delved vast subterranean mines, plumbing the ancient rock for the magical elements that were formed from the bones of the world. One element they prized above all others. They called it the Ember-source and they craved and treasured it, for it was beautiful, powerful, and addictive. It was from this desired element that the name of their order came to be: Ember-mages. No one living knows why or how they vanished from this world, but vanish they did, and today their magnificent caverns lie in ruins, with only death and danger inhabiting them. Magical experiments and powerful abominations guard their secrets against those who dwell above. However, their tales and the seeds of truth that may be contained within have always attracted the brave and the foolhard


Features Key:

  • Play and listen online or download and play offline (Available for Windows only)
  • Composer credits
  • Clean, ambient and ambient soundtrack
  • Intense musical parts allowing you to listen or fade your own emotional moments
  • Foldable game main menu
  • Minimalistic stylish art
  • High quality sound effects
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Various customizable controls to meet your exact needs
  • Option to activate the webcam
  • Option to load the other available soundtracks

  • Surmount Soundtrack

    Surmount Soundtrack



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    The year is 2106. A new era has arrived. A new era that threatens the future of mankind. The path of progress and peace has been broken. In the face of this new threat, mankind has had to abandon the surface of the planet and begin to colonize Mars. The new generation of space colonies, dubbed “Martian Cities”, is used to purify the cosmic radiation on its route and protect the humans from the dangerous effects of space. Following these transportations, the Martians have to stand guard over the Earth for hundreds of years. These Martian colonies, are the true Guardians of mankind.Earth, Mars. Are you in or out?Over time, Mars has become “their” Mars. The humans of the new generation have taken Mars as their own, making it a place of cooperation and peaceful coexistence. However, the Martian authorities are fighting to keep this peace. The cities have become more closed to the outside world, and each Martian has been assigned a job, and directed to protect its fellow citizens.Some young Martians are growing in their own ways. They hope to finally see the Earth again. They know the Earth has a dark side, but they want to live and fight together with the humans to show their hope and peace. If you are a Martian, choose the right path – fight for peace, or join with the humans to bring down the darkness. *Features:* • Three different game modes: Survival, Endless, (10s) + (3s) Survival • Pick your “role” from soldiers, civilians, scavengers, warriors and commanders • Embedded map (used in Endless Mode) • Multiple types of soldiers (Soldiers, Vultures, Scouts, Hunters, Catapult, Medium and Heavy Gunners, Granbots, and Armored Sentries) • Multiple types of weapons (Centurion AEWD, M.A.L., L.E.R. and H.E.R., Heavy Gatling Gun, Heavy Cannon, and Heavy Missile Launcher) • Multiple types of attacks (Buddy Bomb, Grocery Bomber, Fighter Bomber, Rocket Bomber, Assault Bomber, H.E.R., Gatling Gun, H.E.R. Missile Launcher, Air Buster, and H.E.R. Special Cannons) • Multiple types of target objects (Camptown, Apartment Buildings, Movie Theater, Movie Theater 2, Apartment Blocks c9d1549cdd


    Nerm The Worm Exclusive Ball Cap Download (Latest)

    Follow us on Twitter! – Find a GameFAQs Game Walkthrough or Bug Report with Fisby’s Pizza in the menu… published: 26 Sep 2015 BLU Review: Shadowgun Legends This is my very first ShadowgunLegends review! I’m so happy to finally get this out and put down in writing for you guys. How well does the game play? Does the game keep you challenged throughout your playtime? Can you complete the game within one playthrough? Find out in this review… ********** Games I play: ** Divinity: Original Sin 2. (PS4) Stellaris (PC) The Surge (PS4) Portal Knights (PS4) ** Games I finish: *** Shadowgun Legends Doom 2016 (PS4) The Witcher 3 (PC) Sniper Elite 4 (XBO) More coming soon! ********** HOW TO PLAY: All versions of Shadowgun Legends are split into episodes. Time spent in the loading screen is time lost, so I cannot spare. Instead I will be sharing a review for each episode, and all of the episodes are reviewed quite thoroughly. published: 21 Aug 2016 Hunter x Hunter Reroll and Opening Dragon Quest Monsters : Joker ( ハンターX任天堂版 ドラゴナイト ハンタージョーカー) is a battle RPG game released on the Nintendo DS by Square-Enix in 2007. The story starts with the awakening of two young dragons, Zato and Mint, in the monster world who are separated from their parents. Both of them are being chased by hunters, who plan to capture them. Eventually, both of them end up at the Hunter’s school where they meet a peculiar student named Yu. Together they set off to the monster world in an attempt to escape, while solving mysteries and clearing their pasts. The game was well received in Japan, receiving a total of 45 awards and becoming the best selling game of the year. Play it on the Go! Subscribe for more Hunter X Hunter videos:


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    Rogue Stormers (Green river) is a defunct American hip hop music group from Chicago, Illinois. The band released two albums: 1988’s « Rock the Mic: On Tour and In The Studio » and 1990’s « Open Your Eyes » before they started an indefinite hiatus on Christmas Day 1991. Biography 1989: Origins and Gangstarr debut In the spring of 1989, Goodman and Suge Knight came together and began hosting shows at Suge’s house. They would draw a large crowd and performed mostly to showcase their hometown of Chicago in a tourney style. The band started to get heavier and more politically oriented, but got their start with a familiar sound. The group was one day picked up by the newly created Chicago-based Rap-A-Lot Records, which was owned by Sean Combs. This brought the group a recording contract and a music video for the single « Do You Feel The Exhilirater? » Released on February 21, 1989, « Do You Feel The Exhilirater? » (which features The Art Of Noise & The Bomb Squad) saw some major success and the attention of Suge. Goodman took a job at Power Records, and he became Goodman Ace. After the big success of « Do You Feel The Exhilirater? », Goodman Ace, Suge Knight & Michat, along with Illinois artists, were invited to host their own show on The Midnight Hour radio show. Upon the group’s appearance on the show, they were taken under the wing of The Bomb Squad. The group’s popularity grew as the evening show progressed. In the middle of the show Goodman Ace introduced his friend Mico, who came into the studio and performed some of his original songs, as he called it the « Fast Furious » tour. The group enjoyed a positive showing and an artist who already had established standing in the hip hop market, Big Daddy Kane appeared on the other half of the show and a chemistry between Kane, Goodman Ace, Mico & Manchild was cemented. Later Kane, Mico, Manchild, & Suge Knight performed on the record release party for The Bomb Squad’s « Bombers » album. On Monday, August 15, 1989, the Midnight Hour with the Bad Boy All-Stars hosted their first live broadcast at radio station WPWR, 96.1 FM. The show opened with Kane as the first act, then Goodman Ace & Mico, then Eastwood & Mannie Fresh, and lastly, The


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    The Amazonian Wildlife Park gives your visitors a journey of their own into the exotic and astounding wildlife of South America. Your visitors can interact with friendly tapirs and cheeky capybaras in their own little home at the entrance to the Park. Make the place attractive and individual by decorating it with various items and building a variety of structures. Your visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for South America’s wildlife and its history through the guided interactive tours, exhibited by our local experts. Let your visitors enjoy the tranquility of the Amazonian rain forests – where hidden rivers run and majestic waters splash into the rivers. Enjoy the variety of South America’s unique wildlife. If you want to see the Amazonian wildlife Park in its fullest, make sure to visit this incredible travel adventure to South America in your journey through time! Key Features: Experience South American wildlife and life like never before Eight different animal species with their own homes More than 35 unique visitors facilities Realistic game models for South American wildlife Original and exotic music and sound design Competition and Earn money for more facilities and animals All this in your own home located in the famous Brazilian rainforest Visit one of the best wildlife parks in the world! About This Game The “Amazonas » wildlife park is one of the best wildlife parks in the world with more than 35 unique locations, filled with four different species of animals from the incredible world of South America. This is where you get to live a completely new experience, one of the real South American life styles, where you create a unique adventure for you and your visitors. By starting from the typical Land Search, you immediately enter into a situation where beautiful animals roam around in their own jungle lodges, and the visitors are welcomed with a friendly tour in traditional South American merchandise. As you explore South America, your individual journey will start with a special Selfie Area, a hut for Reed Sculptures and the special Inka Towers where you can sit for hours in silence and admire the unknown parts of South American wildlife. So come and experience the world of South America. For your visitors your South American Wildlife Park provides a variety of new service facilities inspired by traditional and native South American life styles. Decorate your park with Reed Sculptures and burning Inka Towers and sell traditional dishes from all around the continent. “Amazonas”-Features: – Sixteen different animal species from the South American forests, such


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    System Requirements:

    CPU: Intel Core i5 (2.4 GHz) Intel Core i5 (2.4 GHz) RAM: 6 GB 6 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GTX660 / AMD HD6870 NVIDIA GTX660 / AMD HD6870 OS: Win 7 (64-bit), Win 8 (64-bit) or Win 8.1 (64-bit) The game is developed by Survios, a company formed in 2013 out of the Silicon Valley studio of the same name. Before developing virtual reality games, it worked on mobile apps and web applications


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