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Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition [v 1.02 + DLC] X64

by carodah



※About The Combination Between Fantasy RPG and Action RPG The game story is based on the set story of Fire Emblem: Awakening. However, the « Lands Between » is where new elements are added and a new world is created. ※About The Battle System The battle system itself is a combination of the tactical combat action seen in games such as Fire Emblem and the card battle system seen in games like SMT: Devil Survivor 2, but as the two systems have been combined, new systems have been added to them. ※About The Game Content The game features a large world that is free to explore and customize. All dungeons and enemies appear randomly, and you can customize the character skills and stats. ※About The Character Classes The character classes include the main protagonist who fights from the front, a class with a focus on the front-line combat style, a class that makes use of the special skills and magic known as « Command Arts », and other classes. ※About The Command Art System Command Arts are special skills unique to each character and are a powerful source of magic. By commanding more effective Command Arts, players will be able to increase the power of their attacks. ※About The Online Play You can travel across a vast world and even meet people who live in the town, and make a variety of activities depending on the time of day. ※About The Interface The visual style, unprecedented for a Japanese game, features a bright and clean appearance. ※About The Characters All of the characters of Awakening are included in Tarnished Heroes, and the appearance of the female characters has been improved. ※About The Music Although the music is based on the original soundtrack of Awakening, it has been arranged by Ave Maria and contains several original parts that will make you feel the Lands Between. ※About The Sound Design If you listen close enough, you will be able to hear the sounds of the Lands Between. ※Abouter Fire Emblem: Awakening This game is based on the set story of Fire Emblem: Awakening. In this game, Leaf, the main protagonist, and his allies face the threat of the Demon King, the events of which occur in the “Demon King’s Domain”. The story continues from within the “Lands Between”, a fantasy world, a world born of the spiritual powers that once existed in the Holy Kingdom and the Demon King. Players who


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • New fantasy action RPG Buddha no Seika.
  • A vast world with rich lore in which mysterious forces exist.
  • Develop your own character and work towards achieving your objectives.
  • Easily access the maps and dungeons between acts.
  • Multiplayer that seamlessly connects you to others.

    Preview/Screenshots :

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    GAME USER MESSAGE: Entering the world of the Lands Between. The spirits protect you. The spirits known as the Elden Ones protect you in the world. A world known as the Lands Between has risen in the far east, and you live inside it. To restore balance to this world and protect the Elden Ones, it is the time of the Infernal Lords. When the completion of the ritual has finished, the Elden Ones will free you and the heart of the world, and you will be a Lord. In this world, you need to not only fight for yourself, but also protect others as they are carried by a divine current, and release the strength of the Elden Ring. Many spirits around the world are currently referred to as the Elden Ones. Presumably, these are people who serve the great powers and the Spirits of Wealth and the Spirit of the Vineyard. At present, the world of a traveler, although he is now an Infernal Lord, seems close. In the present, there are many Guardians, but he himself is on the road and alone. If he is not careful, it could be that the World of Spirits will disappear. In the event that the community disappears, he may not be able to escape. If that happens, his life will be filled with sorrow. For now, he is continually traveling to the east. To reach the end of the journey, he needs to find the Burning Ruins of Tennembaum. In the eastern region, the Burning Ruins of Tennembaum is located in the extreme east. If you search for it, you will eventually find it. [Character Creator] * Players can create the character within the image. A player can create up to five different characters, each of whom represents a different class. By creating a new character, you will be able to choose the appearance, expression, weapons, and accessories of your character freely. Please note that the character creation screen where you select a name and appearance has no effect on the character that you can obtain after the quest ends. (You can create a character here and then continue playing.) [Skill System] FIGHT A variety of combat skills have been prepared. There are various sub-skills


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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